Deckhand, A/B

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Epco, Inc.
Title: Deckhand, A/B
Location: Louisiana-Houma
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The A/B Deckhand will be responsible in assisting with the safe and careful operation of a marine vessel. The A/B Deckhand''s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
Execute operational duties, related to all tasks required of the vessel.
Performing of house cleaning duties on deck, in the engine room, on the barge or accommodations as instructed by the Captain on duty.
Performance of all vessel maintenance to include cleaning, scraping, painting, and assist in engine room duties.
To carry out operational or maintenance work ashore, outboard, a tow, a project etc. as required by the Captain or Company Management.
Standing watch on the bridge and on deck as required.
Ability to perform all duties while wearing protective equipment including PVVC foul weather gear, life jacket, gloves, helmet, and boots.
Assisting with the training of newly hired employees.
The ability to inspect and notify the Captain of any conditions, which will affect the safety of the operation. The Deck Hand has the obligation and authority to stop his activity or act at his discretion whenever unsafe, non-conforming or when confliction situations arise and is under the obligation to notify the Captain.
Safe handling of lines to make fast tie off as required during operations; to serve as lookout/observation post when needed during maneuvers and pass information to Captain and crew as needed.
The successful candidate will meet the following qualifications:
A valid driver''s license with acceptable driving record is required.
USCG credentials and an endorsement of "AB" and STCW-95 on Merchant Mariners Card (MMD) are required.
A valid TWIC card is required.
The completion of a satisfactory physical exam and drug test which includes: visual acuity, color vision, hearing and speech discrimination as well as medical evaluation and physical assessment is required
Disclosure of all prescribed and OTC medications and complete a thorough medical history is required.
One year "AB" Deck Hand experience is preferred.
Offshore Tug and Tow experience is preferred.
Red Flag barge experience is preferred.
Marine Services
Organization: Marine Services

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